About Forensic Accounting Services

We have over 33 years of forensic accounting experience and can provide you with a fast and cost-effective resolution of problems and issues arising from all types of financial irregularities and investigations. Given our background and experience, we specialise particularly in criminal investigations and confiscation proceedings.

About the firm’s principal

Barry Draper Firm Principal

Barry Draper FCA MAE
Firm Principal

Barry Draper FCA MAE has undertaken a wide and varied range of expert witness and consulting assignments since beginning his career as a forensic chartered accountant with the Inland Revenue’s Enquiry Branch in the 1980s.

Since then he has worked on criminal and civil investigations that involve theft, embezzlement, misappropriations, breach of contract, contract disputes, insurance claims, divorce proceedings and HMRC tax disputes, to name but a few.

He has also worked in a consultative capacity for UK government departments and some of Britain’s largest companies, investigating and advising in a range of high-profile assignments.

Who are our clients?

At Forensic Accounting Services our clients are varied. They come from the business community (both individuals and large companies), the legal and accountancy professions, insurance companies, government departments and law enforcement agencies.

We also work for individuals, including those contemplating divorce where a family business is involved, and minority shareholders. These clients have involved us in a wide, and highly varied, range of assignments.

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