Forensic Accounting Case Studies

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Insurance Claim

A major insurance company instructed us to review a large claim for loss of profits arising from a burglary at a business’s premises. We reviewed the claim and, having gathered additional third party evidence, determined that the loss was much less than that claimed. Due to our forensic accounting investigations the claim was settled for significantly less than the amount claimed.

Pop Star

A pop star was touring a European country with over 15 concerts planned. Part way through the tour one of the key members of the backing group decided to leave for personal reasons causing the tour to have to be cancelled. The pop star sued him for loss of earnings from the tour. Using data about likely bookings for the cancelled concerts, and the numbers of people who had attended the completed concerts, we were able to prepare a report detailing the financial loss suffered by the pop star. Our report was used as a basis for the parties to reach an out-of-court settlement.

Tax Investigation

We were asked to assist the professional advisers in resolving a two-year enquiry made by HMRC into a small printing company. Our forensic accountants resolved the matter within three months and negotiated a monetary settlement at around 10% of what the Inspector had first asked for.

Bank Claim

A major clearing bank inadvertently cleared several thousand of its customer’s cheques which happened to contain the forged signature of one of the account signatories. The bank was being sued for more than £2m. The bank asked us to see if we could reduce the claim by determining whether the customer had received any commercial benefit from any of the cheques involved. We reviewed each cheque in detail. Using various investigative techniques were able to produce evidence to show that the customer had, in fact, benefited from all but a handful of them. The claim was settled for £30,000.

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