Forensic Accounting Services – Our Approach

We are instructed in all manner of forensic accounting issues, from helping someone to deal with a tax enquiry into their affairs, a fraud investigation, a partnership dispute or personal injury claim, through to an employer who suspects an employee of fraud.

No two cases are ever the same due to the circumstances of the situation; the personalities involved, the information which is available, and the potential other sources from which corroborative information and evidence might be obtained.

The Forensic Accounting Services Pre-Meeting Approach


  • We start with the end in mind.
  • What is the potential client trying to achieve, and by when?
  • The sooner we know what we need to do, with what, and by when, the sooner we can begin helping them.
  • Therefore, we usually begin each new forensic accounting assignment by meeting with the potential client.
  • This meeting is usually free of charge.

This initial approach helps us to quickly gain an understanding of the issues involved and what information might be available to us in order that we can assist in the matter.

The Forensic Accounting Services Post-Meeting Approach


  • How we can help in the matter (whether it be by a meeting, correspondence or formal report/presentation);
  • What information we will need in order to do so;
  • How long it will take us to complete the exercise; and
  • If possible, an estimate of the likely costs involved.

For more information, or to arrange an initial meeting to discuss a specific issue, please contact us.