Contract Disputes/Breach of Contract

In our experience, the only time parties tend to refer to a contract between them is when there is a dispute between their respective obligations under that contract.

Breach of Contract or Contract disputes can be damaging both commercially and financially so, wherever possible, it is important that they be resolved as quickly as possible.

Instruction in Contract Disputes

When instructed, our first task is to read and understand the contract which is at the centre of the dispute and then to ascertain what are the parties’ grievances about the alleged failure of one or other to comply with the contractual terms.

Investigating Breach of Contract

We investigate the events that lead to the apparent breach or dispute and then compare what should have happened, according to the contract, with what actually took place.

From this, we can then begin to determine what were the financial effects, if any, that arose from the dispute elements or breach of the contract.

Of course, the terms of the contract itself, and what each party intended at the time of drafting and signing it, is a matter for legal experts.

Although this is outside our area of expertise, we have worked closely with instructing lawyers in the past. Together we gather relevant financial and accounting evidence when there has been disagreement between the parties about what they actually thought they were signing. This is also the case in those instances where there is ambiguity surrounding the meaning of contractual terms or definitions.

For more information on contract disputes or breach of contract, please contact our forensic accounting team.